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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Act your way into a new way of thinking

It's not always easy to act when we are dealing with a lot of fear. I've heard the saying that procrastination is self-pity in action. When we are making every excuse possible to avoid exercising, getting our taxes completed, working on that report for work, going on that vacation we've always wanted to go on, doing our laundry, washing those dishes, going to that AA or or other recovery support meeting, and on and on. When we realize that we are procrastinating about doing the things that will ultimately be good for us, we have a choice in what we do next. We can continue to live in fear and self-pity or we can take positive action to become a victor.

We can decide that we want to change all day long, but real change only occurs when we are taking positive action in the pursuit of our worthy goals. We can think about and even decide that we want to eliminate some weight and maybe even work on getting those six pack abs, but until we actually change to a healthier diet, sleep 8 hours per night, and go to the gym and put in an effective and honest workout, we are only thinking about being in better shape. We need to act our way into a new way of thinking by working out at the gym on a daily basis, making healthier choices for our food, getting sufficient sleep, going to recovery support meetings, and actually sitting down to get that report done for work, doing our taxes, and saving for that vacation.

Never give up on your goals & dreams

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16 thg 3, 2020

Never give up on your goals and dreams, cherish your friends and family, and be grateful for perservering in the face of adversity, as this makes you stronger and become more resilient to live a fulfilling and cherished life.

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