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Becoming a victor

You are not a victim-you are a victor

It is a known fact that playing the role of victim will keep us in chains. Acting like the world owes us something  will only keep us in bondage to negative thinking. It takes courage to develop a victor mentality and think about what we can bring to the game instead of constantly asking what's in it for me. The only way to break out of our chains and self-imposed bondage is to create a mentality of giving. This does not mean we will work for free or do things for others without some type of expectation.


The expectation will be the development of more loving-kindness in regard to our fellow friends on this earth. It means to give of ourselves a little like St. Francis gave of himself. It means to help others without a hidden motive other than being able to send our love and aid to another human being. It means to get out of ourselves and our head by reaching out to someone and helping them. Change is evidenced when we stop thinking and acting like a victim and begin to think and act like a victor.

Image by Larm Rmah
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