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narcan/drug tests

Heroin and other opioids are killing loved ones with rapacious impunity

                                 NEVER GIVE UP ON A LOVED ONE

Every household where there is an opioid user present would benefit from keeping a supply of the antagonist/antidote to heroin and other opioids called Naloxone/Narcan. Naloxone is the generic name and Narcan is the brand name of the drug that can potentially save your loved one in an emergency situation when they are overdosing on heroin and other opioids.

Stay ready for a potential overdose of heroin and other opioids of  your loved one by purchasing Naloxone/Narcan and/or going to a free 30-60 minute training where you can get Naloxone/Narcan for free.

Ask about how you can get Narcan for an emergency situation with your opioid addicted loved one. Also, ask about how you can purchase at-home drug tests for your loved ones.

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