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Image by Lesly Juarez
Image by Erik Brolin


1) If possible, find a comfortable and quiet place

2) Sit with your back straight and your gaze directly forward with your arms, hands, legs and feet in the lotus position

3) Breathe deeply and concentrate on your breath

4) Keep a simple count of inhales and exhales (In your mind, count to 3 when you inhale and count to 3 when you exhale)

5) Continue to concentrate on your breath and the count to 3 when you inhale and exhale

6) Stay focused on the present moment with your breathing and the count to 3 (Don't worry if your mind starts to wander, just come back to your breath and the count of 3 when you inhale and exhale)

7) Continue this practice for approximately 15-30 minutes

8) Go for a brief walk outside

9) Write a list of 10 things, people or places you are grateful for in your life

10) Mindfully eat some fruit such as mango, melon, banana or grapes

At this point, you will more than likely feel a wave of relief and serenity coming over your body and mind. You will be thinking much more clearly  while your anxieties fade away. You will be relaxed, grateful and serene.

Image by Stephanie Studer
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